Our mission is to provide healthy poultry products to all our healthy customer.

At Appie Farms, research is the ingredient of choice.

Research provides Appie with the success factor that we are known for. Our research team goes through rigorous testing phases, all of which requires taking great care of our poultry during various stages of development.

All this is done with a single aim, to produce the healthiest, strong poultry product – a symbol of life.

For us, its not feed,
its food.

Our aim is to provide the best quality nutrition for our poultry. The way we see it, every step is of significance to reach the milestone of ultimate success. That is why, we take extra care when it comes to the better health of our chickens, every step of the way.

With APPIE, quality assurance will always be guaranteed for every product.

Your health is our

We firmly believe in providing premium goods to our consumers as they are our top priority. Our motto is to promote health and wellness. At APPIE farms, we keep a strict check on hygiene with the help of our skilled infield farmers.

Our facility is a highly controlled, environmental friendly, litter free and clean zone that will be open for customer visits very soon.

Our Poultry Experience

The farming experience behind Appie Farms goes back to the time when commercial farming had set its foot into Pakistan in 1977.

Unlike much of the competition in the market, Appie Eggs are fully produced and marketed by the organization which is completely integrated using only European equipment. All our processes are fully automated and requires minumum human interaction with birds.

The birds are kept in a completely clean, hygienic, litter free, flies free, environmental friendly and environmentally controlled facility.

The staff is healthy and is monitored for their health status on regular basis to avoid any sort of cross or mal-contamination. Our priority is you health and we take every measure to ensure that the produce we deliver is of top notch quality and disease free.